Highfield Feline Retreat

About Our Suites

Our spacious suites, made by Pedigree Pens, offer separate sleeping and lounging areas.

Our family suite and inter-connecting suites can accommodate larger pussy cat families. Built in 2015, each suite is individually temperature controlled with an additional over-roof to maintain comfort in all seasons.

Sneeze barriers between suites are fitted as standard and being made of PVC, all suites have fully wipeable surfaces. We only use approved cleaning / laundry products to ensure the highest standard of hygiene and the very best paper based, no dust, cat litter.

Comforts of Home

Hand made driftwood pussy cat loungers with comfy vet bed cushions provide a perfect view of the garden and wild life.

We offer complementary catnip toys to tempt the most laid back guests into play and pussy cat pillows to rest a head or paw. Grooming and play time assured for pussy cats who enjoy being fussed.

Cosy beds and blankets are provided, however, if our guests prefer to bring their own there’s plenty of room to accommodate a king size mattress. Please feel free to book a bed in advance, from the selection below, to ensure availability.

We have background music to keep our guests entertained, with maybe a little Elton in the morning to get everyone going. Heat pads to aid stiff joints are available upon request and at no extra charge. Elderly, disabled and diabetic pussy cats very welcome.

Our Guests and Beds

  • Blue 1 (Medium)
  • Union Jack
    Union Jack
  • Yogi (Medium)
  • Highland Fling
    Highland Fling
  • Molly L 1 (Medium)
  • Hamper
  • Lily 1 (Medium)
  • Snoozer
  • Cece & Tabs (Medium)
  • Pink
  • Boris (Medium)
  • Retro Pods
    Retro Pods
  • Yap Car
    Yap Cat
  • Peanut (Medium)
  • Bachelor Pad
    Bachelor Pad
  • Wicker

Our Guests and Suites

  • Faye (Medium)
  • Cat tree 2
  • Wicker 1 (Medium)
  • Coco (Medium)
  • Cat tree 3
  • Asia 1 (Medium)
  • Green
  • Ebony (Medium)
  • DSC00240 (Small)
  • 3 (Medium)
  • Tabitha (Medium)
  • Sooty 2 (Medium)
  • Toad stool 800
  • Ginny (Medium)